Wednesday 12 August 2009

We are Crafty Ireland!!!

Hello and welcome to our official team blog - grab a comfy chair and make yourself at home!

The Crafty Ireland team was launched in Dublin on July 18th, 2009. The team represents a great variety of talented artists, crafters and designers currently based in Ireland who are selling online at Our shared goal is to reintroduce the value of handmade to our local communities and spread the awareness of etsy nationwide, both north and south of the border.

So far we have 55 members and the numbers keep growing! Over the coming months we are eager to establish and strengthen ties amongst our members nationwide as well as reach out to talented crafters who have slipped under the radar. Through participation in craft fairs, team events and monthly meetings (aka coffee & cake) we can help support one another and bounce a few ideas on how to actively promote the team.
This blog 'Etsy Ireland' will act as noticeboard for all members - a way of sharing info about upcoming events, team challenges and so on. There will also be plenty of fun content including clever how-to's, member interviews, giveaways, fab recipes and other interesting stuff so stay tuned!

Best Wishes :)*
Tanya & Sarah

Team Co-organisers
The Crafty Ireland Team


  1. Hey girls,
    Great to have the new blog set up! well done, and thanks a mill,

  2. Nice work! And thanks for doing this for us.

  3. Wow, sweet!
    This is great. Finally got internet sorted so much catching up to do.
    Thanks for all the hard work that clearly went into this.

  4. Yay!! finally!!! great job!! i am so excited about this!

  5. Hi Tanya & Sarah
    Its Christabel here, the non etsy person in the above picture! I still haven't got around to setting up my etsy shop yet, in fact this is the first time I have managed to get ojnthe internet since I met you all in the Hairy Lemon.
    Great to see the blog up and running!
    Is there a meeting tomorrow 15th Aug? I didn't think I would be in Dublin this weekend but I am,so can meet and do my show & tell!

  6. Oh no Christabel! I sent an email to you on friday? Hopefully you will be able to come next time and bring some of your mad cow designs with you then. We'll be posting details of the next meet up very soon! x;)*